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Why Us

It is our mission to redefine workplace environment. We believe that remote work is the future and both large and small businesses can benefit from tapping into a vast talent pool beyond their local areas. Our highly optimized searching and sourcing tools reduce your time to hire active and passive talented developers. Partner with React Rangers to free up your time, connect with more clients and focus on growing your business.

polish job market

Our developers are basen in Poland, which brings about a lot of benefits to a potential customer. Polish programmers are well educated and ranked as the 3rd best in the world. Their programming skills are known and appreciated worldwide, and competitive salaries appeal to potential clients.

remote work

Hiring remote workers is an economical choice for your business. You can employ remote workers on “as-needed” basis or for a specific number of hours per week allowing you to save money. As your business grows, remote workers will enable you to scale quickly without having to expand or move into a new office building.


You can work directly with one of our skilled developers, or we can help manage an entire team on a per-project basis while you maintain direction and control on the team. Instead of automated matching, we discuss your exact requirement and then present candidates who are a technical and cultural fit for your project.

How it works


Fill our brief

Let us know what you are looking for! Submit a job description and identify your needs.


Get candidates list

We will provide you with a list of candidates who match your requirements best. You can compare them and choose those you want to invite to an interview process.


Interview them

Invite selected candidates for interviews. This will help you choose the best fit for your project.


Sign an agreement

Developer signs up an agreement with us – and this allows him to sign up further agreements with clients directly.


Be satisfied

We want to be sure if both parties are happy with ongoing collaboration - that is why we will be checking this out on a regular basis.


Go through our FAQ and find answers to your questions. If you have a different one, no worries – we are awaiting your messages at!

1. What makes React Rangers different from other agencies?

React Rangers is an agency based on relations and building community. We don’t only provide clients with solutions and developers – we build a community around React. We take care of a new generation of React developers by educating them, sending them tasks to submit (those tasks are checked by experienced developers, and therefore are the source of a valuable feedback) and preparing for big projects. Our relations with programmers don’t end on matching them with a particular project. We want to make our own story with each and every developer, as we support them before finding a project, while it lasts and after it terminates.

2. How much do you charge your clients?

Agreements are undertaken between Clients and Developers, therefore React Ranger do not charge clients. We have individual arrangements with developers as for fees.

3. What currency does React Ranger bill in?

It depends on two factors: on a kind of agreement made between a developer and a client, and on a fact if a developer decides for us to work on their behalf. We are flexible and trying to find the best solution both for a client and a developer.

4. Do I have to pay a deposit?

No, you don’t have to pay any deposit.

5. How do you match developers with projects?

When a developer submits his application within our project, we start looking for the best remote job roles that match his profile, skills and availability best.

6. What if I am not satisfied with work delivered by a Ranger?

Our recommendation for you is to talk openly to a developer and try to figure out what caused inconvenience and problems. If this solution does not bring about any results and the situation is not improved, contact the Ranger’s coordinator and explain your issue. If we won’t solve the problem as well, we will do our best to find a different Ranger to finish the project on time.

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