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Why React Rangers?

We are a company connecting independent React developers like you to remote-friendly companies across the globe. You start your role by interacting with one of our dedicated career coaches who will elevate your candidacy and build a professional job profile for remote work for our international clients. You will have access to lucrative remote project offers that match your expertise and your interests. We support your professional development by providing you with ongoing feedback and guidance on all things remote work.

sharing expertise

Sharing knowledge and expertise with others will help you learn from each other without depending on formal learning courses and modules. We strongly encourage Rangers to perform at tech conferences so they can boost their personal branding game and share a valuable knowledge for the benefit of the entire React group.

remote work

Have a family gathering coming up and need to travel? Want to take off to Bali and work from there? It’s the little things in life that matter. We believe in remote working! Thanks to this you can avoid the commute and spend more time with your family and doing the things you love. We focus on results, balance and sustained productivity.

group dynamics

Right peer group has a tremendous impact on professional growth. By building a community around React Rangers, we give you every possibility to immerse into the group. As we already mentioned, we want to match you with the best available project, but also provide internal communication, advice and learning resources you can make the most of.

Who are we looking for?

Here are the main requirements that have to be fulfilled by our Rangers. Apply if you meet them!

You will be a perfect React Ranger if you have already gained some experience as a React developer and you are ready to take more professional challenges for international clients, you thrive for self-development, you are based in Poland and can understand Polish as we sign agreements written in this language, under the Polish jurisdiction. Besides, you can speak, write and understand English in communication – we work with global brands and we are open to international collaboration.

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How it works



Fill in our website form or simply drop us a message at Tell us who you are and why do you want to join us!


Interviews with RR

Before we accept your application, we need to be sure you are ready to be a Ranger, so we will conduct a few interviews with you.


Agreement with RR

After our interviews, if all goes well (and it obviously will!) we would like to sign an agreement with you.


Interviews with a client

Once we find a project you could fit into, we will match you with a client and you will be conducting interviews on your own. Exciting times ahead!


Contract with a client

If your interview goes according to the plan and a client is delighted to cooperate with you, you will sign a contract with him directly.


Go through our FAQ and find answers to your questions. If you have a different one, no worries – we are awaiting your messages at!

1. Why does React Rangers differ from other agencies?

At React Rangers, you are not a part of a process but a part of the one of a kind community. You can count on numerous coordinators keeping an eye on your satisfaction and work. Also, you can spread your wings and take care of your branding: become a speaker at conferences or a contributor to our blog. We will be also providing you with resources and support within the group.

2. Where are Rangers based?

Rangers are located all over Poland.

3. What types of companies can I work for?

React Rangers need to be prepared on many challenges! You can work for global brands, international companies, corporations, and smaller organizations as well as startups. No matter where you will work, we can guarantee it will be worth it!

4. Who can apply to work within React Rangers?

You can apply if you have some previous experience with React, if you feel that remote working is a way to go for you, and if you feel comfortable with communication in English. We are looking for easy-going developers who don’t want to stop learning and developing their skills in a group of programming freaks.

5. What if I am not experienced? Do you hire interns?

If you are at the very beginning of an adventure with React, you should visit our „Study” tab, where we provide with useful knowledge about React. For now, we don’t hire interns but we do offer a real support at learning. Sign up for our newsletter and challenge yourself against exercises ready to be checked by professional developers.

6. How do you match Rangers with projects?

We take this matter seriously. We are trying our best to match each and every Ranger with a perfect project that fulfills their needs, requirements, and skills. Before we even start looking for projects we talk to a Ranger and identify their needs.

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